miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

The Owner of Time: CHAPTER THREE

Pete began to tell the story of how he found the watch:

“History teacher organized a trip to visit the British Museum, in London. My class mates weren’t very excited, they think that visit museums is pretty boring. But I was quite exited, I really like history and I want to be an archeologist one day.

Once we visited the first floor, Roly sent us to have a break and eat our lunch. At that time I didn’t have any friends, and sometimes I was bullied at school. I went outside to eat my lunch quickly so I could go back to the museum soon and keep enjoying the visit. However, there were three boys already waiting for me at the door. They surrounded me and started to annoy me. They kept asking me money but I didn’t want to give it to them therefore they started pushing me. Suddenly, one of them intended to punch me so I ran away as fast as I could. I kept running until I had lost them, when I realized I was at Russel Square Gardens.

I decided to rest for a while there, sit down on a bench and eat my sandwich in peace. Just when I sat down I noticed something shiny was next to me, a glittering pocket watch. I took it and I began to play with it. All of the sudden everything around me stopped moving and a complete silence envelope my entire being. I was shocked and at the same time pleased. I wasn’t sure if was all a figment of my imagination or actually that watch made my dream come true. I decided stop wondering and enjoy my lunch surrounded by peace and quiet.”

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