domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

The owner of time: CHAPTER ONE

“In 1607 England built an establishment at Jamestown. This was the beginning of colonialism by England in North America. Many English settled then in North America for…” history teacher Roly was explaining as Pete was falling asleep. Why did I forget my watch? he thought while yawning, I could’ve fast-forward this boring lesson and be with Alicia right now. Pete was always thinking about Alicia and he’d rather spend time with her than study. She arrived at high school two years ago and Pete fell in love with her straight away. However he didn’t talk to her until he found the magic watch, six month ago. It’s a fact that the watch changed completely his life.

Pete was writing down Alicia’s name on his notebook when someone knocked at the door. Roly stopped explaining the lesson and very annoyed opened the door. There were two police officers on the other side. Roly, astonished, went outside to talk to them. Everyone at class was already wondering if they were going to arrest James, a student with a very bad reputation who used to sell drugs at school. After a while Roly came back inside and, surprisingly for everyone, called Peter and asked him to go outside. None of the students could believe it, Pete was such a good boy.

Is Alicia alright? Is my family in trouble? Pete asked himself as he went quickly outside. Suddenly one of the officers took him and handcuffed him.

“You are under arrest for the robbery of Gerorge III’s pocket watch” said the officer.

What is going on? I have never stolen anything! He thought as the officers were taking him to the car.

“This is a mistake! I am innocent!” Pete shouted. 

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  1. So, it's chapter one, yet he already has some kind of magic device coming from nowhere? Or will we have a future flashback which will explain the history of the watch?

    By the way, very nice and extensive English vocabulary and drawing skills :)

  2. Ahora que he hecho un poco de repaso a las tipologías textuales, supongo que has hecho un "in media res", es decir, has empezado por el medio... (FRIKADA DEL MES!! xDD)

    Keep uploading, girl! I'm addicted!


  3. Gracias a los dos por vuestro apoyo! Me sabe mal que he estado algo liadilla ultimamente y no he podido escribir hasta hoy. Me alegro de que os este gustando la historia ^_^