domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

The owner of time - Introducción

The owner of time es un pequeño relato ficticio que he escrito en inglés y que iré publicando por capítulos. De momento os dejo el argumento: 

Pete was at school when the police arrested him. He was accused of robbing Gerorge III’s pocket watch, a piece from the British Museum.  But Pete was innocent, he didn’t steal that watch, he simply found it on a bench at Russell Square Gardens. Pete even didn’t know the watch belonged to the museum. He only knows that this timepiece is very special and that his life has been much better since he found it.

Peter wondered how the police knew he had the watch; it was hidden in a very secure place. Have they spied on him? Did the officers discover the real powers of the pocket watch? Have they found out Pete has been manipulating time thanks to the ticker?

Soon Pete learns that something fishy is going on at the police office and he’ll need to prevent that the special item falls into the wrong hands. 

4 comentarios:

  1. I'm in all the way, babies!!

    I'm a little bit intrigued by your story, so I'll keep an eye on this blog. The plot sounds great! Keep it up, guys, keep it up!

    Take care! xx

    PD. Escribo en inglés para hacerme el interesante xDDDD

  2. hahahaha doncs has quedat de conya escribint en anglès ;)
    Gracias por el apoyo!! Y, of course, nosotros seguiremos el tuyo!! Queremos saber todas tus aventuras en China!


  3. Así que la historia de un tipo que con un reloj puede controlar el tiempo? Siempre he deseado poder tener ese poder.

    I'm excited and cannot wait for the next episode!

  4. Yo también he deseado controlar el tiempo!!! aixxxx... cuántas cosas haría!!
    Subiré uno por semana :)